Idle moments are what drive us and inspire us. We make  our wine with the intention of providing those who drink it with a respite from the daily stresses and exhaustion that life can bring. It is the collective time with friends, family, and loved ones which truly matters. These moments shared over a bottle of wine are what we like to call an Idle Moment.

With a new year of bottling quickly approaching, we are looking for some idle moments to share on the back of our newest bottles. To give a little inspiration we have gathered together some of our past idle moments. Please read and go to the Idle Cellars website to share your moment with us. Appreciate the moment and make it an Idle Moment.

Idle Moment #1

The evening was young. I poured myself a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon and the day’s pressure dissipated. I eased into a daydream as the burgundy elixir satisfied my mind. Its floral offerings tantalized my senses and I became aware of everything around me in the stillness of the moment. My ‘Zen’ moment. My ‘Me’ moment. My idle moment. 

Idle Moment #2

We went for a night walk and found ourselves sitting on a bench, glowing from the rays of the partial moon. No one else seemed to be around. We opened up a bottle of wine and drank from two different sized glasses. The conversation flowed organically in between sips of indulgence. Eye contact was constant, looking deeper during heartfelt moments. The bottle was empty after hours but it felt like minutes, an Idle moment in time that will never be forgotten.

– David C. 

Idle Moment #3

Your head starts to relax as the first course is being cleared, the eleventh oyster was by far your best. Friends laughing, the mood is cool, serene. You look up and find the server bringing another bottle of nectar. Generous glasses are filled. As you sip from your smooth Sangiovese, pleasure fills your soul and time becomes irrelevant. 

Idle Moment #4

The fire filled across the top of the oven dome as the dough, cheese, and sauce raced towards done, just inches away from the roaring flames of oak logs. Outside the oven a lively crowd waited, sharing a bottle of Idle Cabernet Sauvignon. The mood was light, the air crisp, the food plentiful, and the wine a perfect companion for this gathering of friends. The party was joyful, and the moment was Idle.

– John S.

Idle Moment #5

The hike was long through the deep jungle. Insect clicking rivers, over volcanic rocks, while deep conversations and random jokes filled our time. We reached the white sand beach, took off our packs and collapsed in the soft warm sand. The sun was about to set into the sea. One grabbed a bottle, another the opener. We had no glasses. 

The smooth ambrosia was passed between us while the beauty of the sunset pulled us in. The only sound was the pounding of the sea and the sips from the perfect wine. 

Inspire yourself with a nice glass of wine and share your poetry with us. We can’t wait to hear your idle moments.  

Cheers and happy idling!

– Ari and Ben