Today is Mardi Gras, the end of Carnival, and we at Idle Cellars would like to raise a glass to Bacchus, the God of Wine.

Well represented in New Orleans this time of year by the Krewe of Bacchus, the god of Greek mythology showed mortals how to cultivate grapevines and make wine. For this we are eternally grateful, and look forward to the floats held in his honor this year. 

Their signature floats of the past have included:

The Bacchasaurus, a gentle dinosaur of wine dating back to 1972:

The Bacchagator, at 105 feet long the float can carry 86 wine-soaked passenger, dating back to 1986:

The Bacchawhoppa, the 85-foot long mammoth dates back to 1991:

And last, but certainly not least, the King’s Float, the first float in the parade that carries the King of Bacchus and his revelry: 

Let’s drink to a festive Mardi Gras and Bacchus for a plentiful harvest season.