Your head starts to relax as the first course is being cleared, the eleventh oyster was by far the best. Friends laughing, the mood is cool, serene. You look up and find the server bringing another bottle of nectar. Generous glasses are filled. As you sip from your soul and time becomes irrelevant. 

- Stan
Idle Moment

On the porch at sunset, a glass of wine next to the Adriondrack chair, the sound of a friend's voice comes from half a world away. It is suppertime here, midnight there. Sharing jokes, memories, and smiles, taking a moment to indulge the elixir, the two come together across the latitude and longitude, the distance shrinking into an infinite loop of laughter and love. 

- Hannah
Idle Moment

Standing on the balcony, full glass of nectar in hand, I stare into the abyss of reflections from the buildings that surround me. I watch the lights dance as the city moves. A slow trickle of friends make their way into my apartment. Each one giving their own version of congratulations on the decision to resign and create a new path. More bottles are opened, laughter bounces off the walls, I stand idle, suddenly certain that a new dream is within reach. 

- Andrea
Idle Moment



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Idle Cellars is a micro-winery located in Sonoma County, California. Ari Heavner and Ben Larks believe in the artistic craft of wine making and work hands-on, from grape selection to bottling.

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Kickin it with Kick Ranch
Kickin it with Kick Ranch

After drinking a bottle of 2012 Idle Cellars Viognier at lunch last week at The Girl and Fig I decided it was time to stroll the Kick Ranch Vineyard.

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