We had the distinct pleasure of getting together with Chef Andrew Greene at his home this Memorial Day weekend to do a taste test and set the wine pairings for our pop-up wine dinner at the Naked Kitchen in San Francisco on June 6th.  If you haven’t yet, grab a ticket while they last because the taste test was blissful. 

The Menu Chef Greene has lined up and the Idle Cellars pairings set to match each course are as follows:

  • Amuse-Bouche (Course 1)
    Scallop, crispy lardo and chamomile syrup 
    2013 Sauvignon Blanc

This amuse-bouche was pure heaven. The chamomile syrup gave a new twist to the ever delicious scallop and lardo combo. Our new 2013 Sauvignon Blanc balanced out the bite lending a cool and light touch to the palate. 

  • Course 2
    Salmon skin chip, tartar, uni cannoli, ginger crème 
    2010 Chardonnay

The Salmon skin was crisped perfectly and paired well with the exceptional uni cannoli. Both were complemented by the tartar and the bite of the ginger crème. Our 2010 Chardonnay lent a smooth and buttery finish to the salty and flavorful dish. 

  • Course 3
    Hamachi, pineapple relish, charred scallion aioli, ikura 
    2012 Viognier

The perfectly cut hamachi was splendidly coupled with a dash of sweet and tangy pineapple relish, the creamy scallion aioli and the salty and deliciously prepared ikura. The crisp and refreshing 2012 Viognier complimented the dish beautifully.  

  • Course 4
    Venison, thyme granola, honeycomb, pickled berries, savory white chocolate sauce
    2011 Grenache

Greene cooked the venison perfectly. The tender meat was paired nicely with the unique and rich flavors of the berries, white chocolate sauce and the thyme granola that soaked up all the flavors for a heavenly bite. The meat course led us into the reds and was accentuated by the spice of the 2011 Grenache. 

  • Course 5
    Duck confit, crispy grit cake, candied ramps, mushrooms, pickled nasturtium, yogurt 
    2011 Petit Syrah

The final savory bite of duck confit was a great way to top off the meal. The candied ramps and pickled nasturtium were incredible new and exciting flavors that rounded out the masterful confit. The yogurt balanced out the whole thing leaving our taste buds ecstatically happy. The glass of Petit Syrah was well matched with the Duck as we started to get pleasantly sauced. 

  • Course 6
    Ravani, strawberry pesto, lebneh cream
    2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

After a rich meal the light greek-influenced Ravani cake with the strawberry pesto and lebneh creme was a great way to end the culinary adventure. We sat sipping on the 2010 Cab getting excited to share this unique and outstanding meal with all of you. 

If you haven’t already get your tickets while they last. Greene has put together the meal of a lifetime and we can’t wait to share it with you!


Ari and Ben