Kick Ranch Vineyard rests on the western slope of Spring Mountain in the Mayacamas Mountains range. First planted in 2000, the grape vines grow on the alluvial bench where the deep soils of volcanic bedrocks contribute to the minerality in the wines. Owned and stewarded by Mark and Elizabeth Hanson, this sustainably-farmed vineyard is exposed to an abundance of sunshine during the day and foggy, cool evenings at night, making it a foremost location to grow a plethora of varietals. Since 2009, we have produced Grenache, Petite Sirah, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, and Syrah from Kick Ranch. A beautiful spot that we have been loving to dip our winemaking toe into throughout the years. 


Nestled high above Calistoga, up a precarious road in the lush and wild region of Knights Valley lies Speedy Creek Vineyard. An unpretentious hidden gem groomed and loved by Dave and Kathy Burton since they first purchased the virgin land in 1986. They have been turning this sandy loam and volcanic ash-rich soil vineyard into an epic spot for ideal conditions in growing Sangiovese. Walking through the certified, sustainable vineyard with Dave, every vine was planted and nurtured by a labor of love.


Los Chamizal has been owned and operated by Peter Haywood since he first planted vines in 1976. These vineyards are situated in the mountains of Southern Sonoma Valley, one mile north of Sonoma. The beautiful terraced vines are carved into steeply sloping hillsides reaching 800 ft. in elevation. The soils range from well drained sandy clay loams at the lower elevations to thin fractured basalt soils at the highest elevations. The vineyard has a modestly warm climate through the day, with the vines enjoying cooler evening air, which preserves higher acidity levels in the grapes. Los Chamizal is a sustainable vineyard, using permanent cover crops, compost and organic fertilizers to nurture the soil.

Catherine Bonneau Vineyards

Catherine Bonneau Vineyards is located in the Los Carneros appellation of Sonoma County situated between coastal mountain regions and the Pacific Ocean. A consistent weather of long warm days, summer fog, and cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean contributes to a long growing season. Detail is spent by the growers to create the best combination of grape variety, root stock, vineyard layout, planning patterns and husbandry techniques for a specific site. This terroir takes the soil orientation of the hillsides, climate and weather, the soil’s chemistry as well as many other factors to create a unique, recognizable wine. This also gives the native plants and animals a place to flourish. The combination of the wind, salt water, tides, moist air, cool breezes, flat marshes, minerals, and sunshine produce mystical wine that is quite unique to the rest of the world.

Mounts Vineyard

Over 60 years, Mounts Vineyard has been a family run vineyard and winery, growing premium grapes in the middle of Dry Creek Valley. Growing up amongst the 140 acres of vines, third generational vineyard manager/winemaker David Mounts, knows every hill and valley to optimize the right varietal for specific micro climate. With a thin layer coastal fog that arrives when the sunsets and leaves late morning, the rest of the day is full of sun’s rays. By being hands-on with the vines, they are able to keep the vines healthy with proper maintenance in the soil as well as balanced canopy growth. They grow a myriad of varietals including Syrah, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Petite Sirah, and Grenache Blanc.