It was Friday after a crazy week. I had had a constant pain in my neck since Wednesday that didn’t seem to want to go away.  Friday came around and the sun was shinning, I finally had some quiet time and decided I needed an idle moment.

I pulled out some perfectly ripe vine tomatoes and a California avocado with just the right amount of squish for a little salad. I started to slice them up and crumble some feta and freshly chopped basil on top. I whipped up some homemade balsamic dressing and drizzled it over the mélange.  For a little protein I decided it was a good day for prawns. I pulled out some little shrimpys and lightly battered them, then tossed them in the pan with some lemon, garlic, black pepper, and onions.   I placed them over a little bit of rice and voilà! The food was ready.

As I laid the shrimp on top of the rice the knot in my neck sent a rush of pain running down my back. It hit me, where is the wine?

I pulled out my box of Idle wines and the perfect one was staring right back at me. The 2009 Idle Cellars Chardonnay, was just what I needed. It has long been a personal favorite for its light buttery palate and minimal hints of oak.  As I sipped my glass and enjoyed my meal, the pain in my neck slowly drifted away. All I needed was an idle moment. 


You can grab your own bottle of the ‘09 Chardonnay on-line at Enjoy!