Last night we went to dinner at chef Josh Edge’s house, one of the founding members of underground dining society Amoosebouche.  We were told to bring 3 bottles of wine with a winter theme, the food at dinner was a surprise.  We rolled in with a bottle 2011 Bourgone Blanc, a 2010 Cotes Du Rhone and 2009 Idle Cellars Cabernet Sauvignon. 

We walked into his house to the smell of sauteing mushrooms and baking squash.  We were surprised and very excited to find a rabbit being prepped and marinated on the stove.

Josh is always fun to watch in the kitchen.  Always doing something and putting work in, his kitchen is very clean even in the middle of cooking a huge meal.  We started the meal popping open the bottle of Bourgogne Blanc.  The wine was crisp, complex and lead us into the first course perfectly; a baked winter squash with salt, pepper, butter and dollop of sour cream.

The second course, sticking with a winter theme was an arugula, peccorino and avocado salad.  We popped open the Cotes Du Rhone and demolished our fresh, tart salads.  After the salads were cleared, Josh got to work blending up the Rabbit Caccitori and prepared the polenta.

The Rabbit Caccitori was exquisite!  This was the first time we’ve had home cooked rabbit not in a restaurant and Edge did an amazing job.  The polenta with mushrooms and Fotina cheese was dark, bold and well balanced.  The Cotes Du Rhone and 09 Idle Cellars cab drank great with the main dishes.  Satiated and happy the dinner was a huge success.  We hope we get more invitations to his house for dinner.  Here are a few more photos of the meal.