Every year as the closer to the Big Sur Food and Wine Festival on Sunday there is grand public tasting at the Post Ranch Inn.  This is a time for 50 wineries, a bunch of restaurants and a few bakeries to share their goods with hundreds of happy winos.  After 2 wine dinners at the Esalen Institute on Friday and Saturday night we were of course ready to sleep for a week but we chose to keep the fire burning and drink wine for another day.  It’s always a pleasure to taste other wineries fine juice, sample famous chef’s latest roast pork smoothy and in general have a party at noon on Sunday without football.  With this years festival being our third, it was great to catch up with fellow wine lovers in Big Sur and spend the day talking about our passion.  We tip our glasses to all our supporters who joined us this year, and to those who didn’t, hopefully we’ll see you next year.  Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places on earth and a great place to be Idle.