Idle Cellars is a boutique winery located in Sonoma County, California. We are Ben Larks, a teacher and explorer from a far off land and Ari Heavner, an entrepreneur from Berkeley. Our shared affinity for world travel and adventure led us to connect in 2006 while working crush in Sonoma. Idle Cellars was born with our first batch of Cabernet Sauvignon reflecting, as in most harmonious relationships, a balanced yin and yang between city dwelling Heavner and country living Larks. We strive to produce an elegantly balanced wine through our grace of art. Our belief is that the essence of winemaking is getting dirty in the vineyard, ensuring the best of Sonoma makes it from the vine to the bottle through hands-on craftsmanship. Our knowledge and deep understanding of our agricultural surroundings allows us to choose what we believe are the best processes for each varietal of wine. Working together for 17 years now, Ben and Ari’s winemaking bond is stronger than ever, escalating the Idle movement one glass at a time.

We hope our wine brings people together, be it at a lively dinner party or a lazy BBQ, and that it gives all who drink it the same joy we had creating the luscious ambrosia