2012 Cabernet Sauvignon


Mountain Terraces Vineyard
Moon Mountain

The omnipresence of intricacy and seduction keeps the midnight hike alive and dangerous.

The micro-terroir of Mountain Terraces Vineyard, where it sits 1000 feet above the Valley of the Moon, gives the fruit its distinctive flavor. The area consists of pink, brown, and white volcanic ash, giving the basis of the wine a well-balanced earthy component, where softness and boldness form an elegant bond. Supple tannins sail around contributing to an omnipresence of intricacy and seduction. Layers of dark chocolate, raspberries, black currants and black cherries dance the night away with hints of tobacco, violet, black pepper, and vanilla. With more nuances than ornaments on a Christmas tree, the wine pairs well with the likes of gruyère cheese, short ribs, and mushroom stroganoff. Let the umami fly when pairing and you won’t go


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